The benefits of Quanto

KRAV Quanto Perpetual Futures Benefits:

  1. Altcoin Collateral: Enables the use of various altcoins as collateral, to gain exposure to BTC

  2. Flexible Leverage: KRAV offers leverage options up to 200x, accommodating different risk appetites and trading styles.

  3. Clear PNL Outcomes: PnL is directly tied to the BTC's price movement, ensuring accurate payouts in altcoin units, purely based on BTC value.

  4. Fixed Exchange Rate: Stability in PnL calculations throughout the trade’s duration, irrespective of collateral currency volatility.

  5. No Contract Expiry: KRAV's quanto perpetual futures do not have an expiration date, allowing for flexible, long-term trading strategies.

  6. Single-Token Liquidity Pools: Single token yield bearing liquidity pools for each altcoin that simplifies liquidity provision without the risk of impermanent loss and the need for pairing with other currencies.

  7. Increased Capital Efficiency: Utilizes altcoins in active trading and yield strategies, potentially increasing their value and profitability.

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