Base Mainnet Setup

Base Mainnet Metamask Setup

To add Base automatically to metamask go to Basescan and scroll to the bottom. Then on click "Add Network":

To add it manually, see the Base documentation on set up.

See below for more information on RPC endpoints.

After following each step you can now switch the Base network in Metamask.

How to bridge to Base Mainnet

Base uses ETH as the native currency to pay for transactions, including to manage trades on Krav.

If you don't have any assets on Base, there are a number of ways to move them there.

  1. Base Bridge

    The Base Bridge UI ( is not available for mainnet during the current developer access period -- it can only be used to bridge to testnet.

  2. Portal Proxy Contract

    You can bridge ETH from Ethereum to Base by sending ETH to portal.base.eth or the following contract address:


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