KRAV Token Migration

Details on KRAV's token migration.

KRAV's token will be migrated to a new chain of Ethereum, with the current token being deprecated and burned. Below are details regarding the migration.

How to Obtain New Token

In order to migrate, users must burn the current $KRAV token in order to mint the new version. 1. Visit (0xa3C4A04c70A93dff0D9Ad294F7F28b3cE399F023)

2. Stake existing $KRAV tokens - these tokens will be burned

3. After staking, users may mint and withdraw the new Krav token - date TBD.

Additional Details

1. Token holders receive 1:1.5 ratio of staked $KRAV to new Krav tokens, meaning for every 1 $KRAV token burned, a user will be able to mint 1.5 new Krav tokens - the additional .5 tokens is an additional token reward for early token holders.

2. No Change in Total Supply, circulating supply may change.

3. Locked Krav: Users with VE locked $KRAV tokens will be reimbursed on a 1:1.5 ratio of unlocked new Krav tokens, meaning they will likewise be able to mint 1.5 of new Krav tokens for every 1 staked KRAV token.

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