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VeKRAV Tokenomics

Token Overview

$KRAV: This is the primary governance token of the KRAV Ecosystem.
$veKRAV: This is the vote-escrowed version of the $KRAV, representing vote-locked $KRAV.

Vote Locking Mechanism ($veKRAV Creation):

Holders of $KRAV can opt to vote-lock their tokens to receive $veKRAV.
The longer and more significant the lock-in duration and amount, the higher the received $veKRAV.

Benefits of $veKRAV:

Participation in governance decisions.
Augmented $KRAV yields.
Share of the ecosystem's fees.

Locking Conversion Rate:

Lock 40,000 $KRAV for 1 year = Receive 10,000 $veKRAV.
Lock 10,000 $KRAV for 4 years = Receive 10,000 $veKRAV.

Time-weighted Voting Mechanism:

The formula to calculate the weight is:

Checkpoint Mechanism:

The system records and checks user actions like staking, unstaking, or changing the lock time.
The total voting power adjusts with each action.
Lock times are rounded to whole weeks.

Boosting Rewards Mechanism:

Boosting rewards for vote-locking can increase liquidity rewards up to 2.5x.
Boost is updated periodically based on engagement within the ecosystem.
Boosting Formula:

Earning Gov Fees:

Fees from Quanto trading (Gov Fees) get distributed to $veKRAV holders.
Fee distribution is based on the amount of $veKRAV held and voting participation.

Fee Collection:

Fees will be collected and distributed periodically.
Users with $veKRAV can claim fees anytime, but distribution occurs once a week.
Fees can only be claimed for the past week and are made available within 24 hours after 00:00 Monday UTC.