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Krav empowers altcoin holders to speculate on major coins' prices using their altcoins as collateral

Bring utility to altcoins

Krav breathes new life into altcoins, allowing their holders to speculate on the prices of major coins. Altcoin owners can use their holdings as collateral, furthering their utility.

Brainstorm under the current infrastructure

Rather than building a new infrastructure or creating a new altcoin oracle for leverage trading, we focus on innovation within the existing framework. Our goal is to amplify efficiency and enhance possibilities within what's already available.

Tools for accumulators

We understand that those who accumulate altcoins during bear markets might not wish to open trades using USDT as collateral. That's why we offer the ability to open trades while also benefiting from the price appreciation of altcoins. Our platform provides flexibility for altcoin accumulators to leverage their holdings optimally.