Krav Platform Token

KRAV is the platform's utility and governance token


Krav, our premier offering, hinges on the power and versatility of the KRAV token ($KRAV). This token is the lynchpin of liquidity optimization, which aids us in harnessing our available resources to facilitate an optimal trading experience and promising returns for participants in our ecosystem. Throughout its lifecycle, $KRAV has remained inherently deflationary.

The $KRAV token contract address is (BASE) 0xbE3111856e4acA828593274eA6872f27968C8DD6

After staking KRAV, you will receive a staked KRAV token: (BASE), Note that the balance for this will return your total staked amount including any Multiplier Points.


Staking Staked KRAV bestows three types of rewards:

  1. Escrowed KRAV

  2. Multiplier Points

  3. KRAV Rewards

To stake your KRAV tokens, visit:

$KRAV aims to protect the interests of our community's early backers by preventing their stake from being diluted by substantial whales - it guarantees an equal opportunity playing field for all community participants.

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