Token Metrics

Overview of the Token Allocation underlying Krav.

KRAV is currently in the process of migrating the initial $KRAV token on Base to a more liquid environment on Ethereum - the initial live token circulating supply of the current live token is 10%. This token will be deprecated and a new token issued. For more information see Krav Token Migration. The following allocations describes in detail the allocations of the new $KRAV token along with the initial $KRAV token.

  1. Initial Live $KRAV Token (10% of all tokens)

    • Initial Liquidity Provision on Base (7%) of the total KRAV supply will be combined with ETH to form an initial liquidity pool.

    • KRAV Derivative Liquidity Pool (3%) of the total KRAV supply will be dedicated to the KRAV derivative liquidity pool. This allocation will create a market for KRAV holders to speculate on the price of BTC.

  2. Airdrop/Early Token Holder Rewards (5%): Holders of the Initial KRAV token will be able to mint 1.5 of the new KRAV token for every 1 token that was burned or staked - as a reward to early token holders.

  3. Team (12.5%): 6 month cliff, 2 years vesting

  4. Founding Advisors (7.5%): 12 month linear vesting no cliff.

  5. Trading Rewards and Farming (40%): trading and liquidity incentives and farming - Distributed Over 3 years

  6. Investors (15%): 6 month cliff, 1 year vest

  7. Cex Event (10%): released at tge

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